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    How do I turn on the shoes ?

    There is a black velcro strip on the inner body of the shoe. Peel this back and press the red button. 

    My shoes aren't turning on...what do I do?

    All our shoes are quality tested before we send them to you. There is a chance that the battery wasn't fully charged at the time of shipment. To check the status of the battery, plug the cable into the shoes using the cable provided. The shoes should flash red. Charge for up to 3 hours for a full battery.

    I want to use the shoes with the app. What is the application called?

    Our app is currently in Beta, but you can downloaded a similar app called Cool Flash from the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

    What is the intended use for these shoes?

    Most of our customers like to use them for dancing, shuffling,and of course, raving. 

    Can I wear these in the rain?

    Unfortunately that is not recommended. We'd prefer you shuffle on dry pavement. 

    How long do these shoes last?

    The most we've gotten our of them is about 7 hours of use. They average about 5 hours of use per full charge.